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I work for Microsoft. Yes, that Microsoft. This, however, is a personal blog. Anything posted in this blog represents my views and my views alone. Under no circumstances should anything posted to this blog be construed as official Microsoft business. This blog may not be used to conduct official Microsoft business. To sum up: This blog has nothing to do with Microsoft.  If you wish to contact me as an employee of Microsoft, please do so via my official corporate email address. Many thanks!

About Strange Moves

So, I've been writing this urban fantasy novel for awhile now. It may or not ever see the light of day, but I really liked the title, Strange Moves. When I decided to consolidate all my bloggish writings into one place, I stole the title. Woot!

The only consistent subject here will be me pimping my books. Everything else is pretty much whatever pops into my head. My brain tends to move in strange ways and to strange topics at a rapid pace. Strange Moves is my writing free-for-all.

And buy my books. Thanks!


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Author Biographies

The following are my official biographies at the time. They may be used freely for articles or reviews under the condition that they are reprinted in their entirety and only for those purposes. Any other use or modification is prohibited without the author's express consent.

The Short One:

Cris Egger is a freelance writer and has been an avid vaping enthusiast for over four years. He has over twenty years of experience in personal and professional training and education. He currently lives in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma with his fiance, two daughters, and his cats, Shaddix and Ragnar the Magnificent.

The Long One:

Cris Egger is the author of the Vape Right series of books about electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers. An avid enthusiast and vaper for over four years, he enjoys sharing his passion about vaping as a major advancement in harm reduction for smokers. Born in Oslo, Norway as an Army brat, he has worked in personal and corporate training and education for more than 20 years. He currently plies his trade at a major technology corporation that makes an operating system that is not called "doors." Cris enjoys reading fantasy novels, studying ancient history, playing World of Warcraft and chess, hanging out with his Norwegian Forest Cat, and would prefer to live in the woods, as long as he can get a good Internet connection. His current projects include completing the Vape Right series, a forthcoming urban fantasy novel, and his blog, Strange Moves. He lives in Oklahoma with his beautiful fiancĂ©/soulmate/practitioner of extreme sarcasm, two talented and amazing teenage daughters, and his cats, Shaddix, the ninja Snow Shoe, and Ragnar the Magnificent, terror of the living room and pillager of fluffy bunny toys.