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Virgin Vaping Now Available on Amazon!
Kindle Edition: $2.99
Paperback Edition: $5.99

Smokers all over the world are switching to electronic cigarettes and taking up “vaping” as an alternative. These devices, also called Personal Vaporizers, allow millions of former smokers to get their nicotine through vapor instead of smoke with significantly reduced harm. They have improved the lifestyles of smokers just like you time and time again.

Now you can switch, too! Using his experience, expertise and extensive research, vaping enthusiast and author Cris Egger takes you step-by-step through getting started with personal vaporizers and vaping. Virgin Vaping is specifically written to give you all the information you need and answer your initial questions about the exciting world of e-cigarettes.

Maybe you’ve heard of electronic cigarettes but didn’t know what to expect?
Perhaps you’ve seen people vaping and wondered if it would work for you?
You may have even tried vaping a few times but it just didn’t seem to work!

From making the decision to learning to vape correctly and effectively, Virgin Vaping concisely walks you through everything you need to know to switch, stay switched, and take up vaping the right way!

Virgin Vaping is first book in the Vape Right series about electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers and is intended for absolute beginners. Inside you will learn:

* Terminology used by personal vaporizer manufacturers and users.
* Tips on using personal vaporizers safely and effectively.
* Why vaping is not smoking, yet is the best replacement for smoking.
* How vaping and personal vaporizers work (in simple, non-technical language!)
* How to pick out your first personal vaporizer kit and where to shop.
* How to vape correctly and get maximum enjoyment from it!

And much more, including expert advice and tips that will help you ditch those cigs and start vaping the right way from day one!

Look inside to see a full list of topics covered in this exciting new books. Then order and read Virgin Vaping today and begin your switch to a happier, healthier you.