Saturday, January 17, 2015

Moving Day

Starting a new real job is rough. I say real job like my writing efforts are imaginary. Hey, I make money doing this shit. Seriously. Granted it doesn't pay the bills, but it's enough to "super-size" on romantic dinner night. Right? Right.

Where was I?

Oh yeah, a real job. Beside writing, it's hands down the best damn job I've ever had. We're talking dream job here. Not exaggerating. The kind of job most people would cream themselves to get. Starting fresh, though, takes a toll.

"But it's a good tired!"

It is, indeed.

Cuts into the writing time a bit, though. So, that sucks. In a, probably futile, effort to streamline everything, get my shit together, and enjoy both jobs, I figured it was time to consolidate.

Henceforth and forthwith I'm going to combine all my blogs into this one.

The Pepper's Papers is about... well... life. Every odd, wonderful, amazing, fucked up, twisted, cool, wicked, painful, joyous bit of it. Philosophy and spirituality all rolled up into one. I love the name, but it's gotta go.

Vape Right I'd love to keep going, but writing the books has to take priority. So, vaping stuff is moving here, too.

Both of the other blogs will stay put, as is, indefinitely. New stuff will get spewed forth here on Strange Moves. According to prophesy, that'll let me post more blog entries on whatever topic happens to invade my addled brain. Won't that be fun?

My new real job is in the technology sector, so technology entries will be partied down, alas. At least opinion stuff. I'm a royal Geek, but have to avoid the old Conflict o' Interest. Right? Right.

Anyway.... moving day. One stop shop of complete randomness.

Welcome back to Strange Moves.

Angel's Luck & Electric Dreams,